To install GQView with 3D patch please follow these easy (i hope so) steps:

  1. Download GQView source code and patch code and copy these files to one dir
  2. You have to have already installed GTK 2.4, you can found it (whith info how to install it) at:, under Ubuntu you can try: $ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
  3. UnGzip source code: $ gzip -dc ./gqview-2.1.1.tar.gz | tar x
  4. UnGzip patch: $ gunzip ./gqview-2.1.1-deltalab-stereo.patch.gz
  5. Apply patch: $ patch -p0 < ./gqview-2.1.1-deltalab-stereo.patch
  6. Copy all files from ./gqview-2.1.1-deltalab-stereo/src folder into ./gqview-2.1.1/src folder
  7. Goto source code: $ cd gqview-2.1.1
  8. Configure it: $ ./configure
  9. And make it: $ make
  10. Done! You can now go into source dir: $ cd src
  11. ... and run GQView with JPG Stereo support!: $ ./gqview
  12. To install it type: $ make install