GQView3D are patch for GQView wich adds support for viewing and projecting JPS files into anaglyphs, interlaced formats and few other. It alows to choose output method suitable for device you have - simple anaglyph glasses or more sophisticated systems like D4D. Patch enable GQView to read JPS and render it like stereo images, not like plain JPEG like most of Linux viewers try to do.

JPS are specially constructed JPEG files, in wich each half of image represent quite the same image but photographed/rendered from two different angles. JPS files are used to viewing 3D images and are independent from desired output method. There are many sites in internet providing free JPS stereo image galeries

Anaglyph are special kind of picture having two images blended together in very special way. Looking on it trough anaglyph glases (with left-eye-glass red and right-eye-glass blue) create ilusion of 3D

GQView are very handy and flexible Linux image viewing tool created by John Ellis, distributed under terms of GPL, please visit homepage of GQView at Sourceforge to learn more about it.